Saturday, March 27, 2010

In World vs. Real World

Group Picture With Mountains In Background – Bob and Nick

The virtual society of Second Life and our real world society are similar. Both have real places. One example would be universities. People can travel to many different places in both. In the virtual world, people teleport. In the real world, people must take some form of transportation. Also, both are built around an economy. The virtual world of Second Life uses Linden dollars while the real world society uses real money.

Our group thinks the in world meeting on Second Life was better than meeting in Blackboard Vista’s chat groups. Instead of seeing words appear on the screen, we got to see each other as characters. We could see what our group was doing while we were communicating. Also, we got to go places in the virtual world and see what other people were doing. The in world meeting in Second Life brought a three dimensional view which made our conversations more interesting.

Virtual worlds like Second Life can enhance the teaching and learning experiences for students a few different ways. The virtual worlds get students involved. It is very similar to a videogame. Videogames can be addicting. Virtual worlds will attract the student’s attention because so many things can happen in them. We also believe that virtual worlds that have an economy like Second Life can be helpful to students. Students can learn the value of money in a virtual world while using fake money. If they mess up, it is alright because the money was never real. The students can learn from their mistakes in the virtual world and make the correct choices in the real world. Virtual worlds also teach students about art and society. Many different people from all over the world use virtual worlds like Second Life. Students can learn about other cultures and the clothes that they wear. They can also learn about the way they act. Students can learn about different customs and beliefs from others that use virtual worlds.

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